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Jul 10 AT 9:52 AM Nick Gray 2 Comments

Verizon HTC One set for launch, makes obligatory appearance at FCC

New FCC documentation shows the Verizon HTC One has been cleared for use in North America. According to the FCC documents, the PN07310 features WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and Verizon-friendly LTE (band 13).While there are no clues regarding the Verizon HTC One’s launch date within the FCC documentation, the government’s seal of approval is typically the ... Read More »


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Jan 24 AT 10:08 AM Dustin Earley 80 Comments

Is Google experimenting with building a wireless network?

Google is not afraid to be disruptive. They’ve proved it time and time again with services like Google Voice, software like Android and most recently, with Google Fiber; Google’s experiment in being an Internet and television provider that threatens to turn an entire industry on its head. So what’s next? How about a wireless network?

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google-sim-card Image via: Robert Scoble with Creative Commons
Feb 10 AT 2:43 PM Edgar Cervantes 25 Comments

Google testing the hardware waters with a “personal communications device”

Google is working hard to expand its influence, and plans to stay relevant with the way we interact with people, information and objects. Projects like Android@Home and Google Fiber are proof of such, but the Search Giant is not stopping there. Google’s most recent filing with the FCC revolves around a “next generation ... Read More »

Google Image via: Robert Scoble's Flickr with Creative Commons.
Feb 03 AT 3:11 PM Dustin Earley 58 Comments

Is Google ready to test their Android powered wearable glasses?

Back in mid-December, some information about what Google was working on at their top secret Google X lab made its way online that left us wanting more. According to 9to5 Google, Google has been working on some Android powered smart glasses that would feature a heads up display for relaying information from the ... Read More »

display-color-eyes Image via: newlow with Creative Commons