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Dec 07 AT 11:22 AM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Pebble is shutting down, with Fitbit acquiring the company’s assets

Pebble has announced that, as of today, the company is shutting down as an independent entity. Pebble’s former competitor, Fitbit, will be acquiring key Pebble assets, exlcuding the company’s hardware products. The news comes after a long period of silence from Pebble that gave way to rumors of the company’s acquisition by Fitbit.

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Review: Fitbit Blaze

Quantified health is the new norm. The new age of health and fitness has given rise to a wave of devices and services designed to gather data. More than ever, consumers are tracking exercise, calories and more in an attempt to reach peak health. Fitness trackers were designed and marketed to track data all of ... Read More »