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Dec 29 AT 9:14 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

New Samsung Bio-Processor may revolutionize the wearable industry

While FitBit may sell more fitness trackers than anyone else, Samsung is hoping to make a name for itself in the category with fitness-focused processor. Samsung has announced its new Bio-Processor, which will allow manufacturers to quickly design and build wearables that are smaller while also reducing the number of internal electronic components needed. Samsung’s ... Read More »

Dec 06 AT 12:53 PM Dustin Earley 0 Comments

Android and Me smartwatches and fitness trackers holiday shopping guide – 2015

Wearable tech has continued to grow in 2015, but there are still only a few different categories that have penetrated the mainstream. They both belong on your wrist, one kind of makes the other redundant and they both make for excellent gifts.


Smartwatches have changed a lot in the last year. Android Wear has ... Read More »


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Mar 26 AT 2:34 PM Dustin Earley 3 Comments

Fitbit updated to support more Android devices

There are no shortage of fitness trackers available for iOS users, but Android users have been left with slim pickings since the wearable craze has started to take off. Thankfully one of the most reputable wearable fitness tracker manufacturers has just expanded their Android support to cover a handful of popular devices.

Fitbit, considered by ... Read More »

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