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Oct 28 AT 1:29 PM Dustin Earley 7 Comments

The FTC is suing AT&T over data throttling, AT&T is fighting back

Data throttling is an undeniably frustrating tool in network management, especially when implemented with “unlimited” data plans. Carriers can promise you unlimited data and keep that promise but control your data intake only making the first 1-10GBs of that data anywhere near usable. After that, throttling kicks in and you’re stuck sub-Edge speeds. The Read More »


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Jul 11 AT 1:20 PM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Amazon sued by FTC for lack of safeguards against unauthorized purchases in Appstore

You’ve probably heard of Apple’s trouble with App Store billing. Kids have purchased hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of apps and in-app purchases trying to play those pesky pay-to-play games. This resulted in the FTC forcing Apple into making some changes to the billing process, making it more resistant to unauthorized purchases.

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Mar 15 AT 3:48 PM Edgar Cervantes 25 Comments

Major Korean manufacturers and carriers fined $40 million for illegal price rigging and fraud

Popular Korean manufacturers and carriers have found themselves in a bit of trouble with the authorities. The affected companies include Samsung, Pantech, LG, LG Upius, KT and SK Telecom. Some of these are major world-wide players. And the Korean government, along with the FTC, has fined them with a 45.3 billion won (about $40.1 million ... Read More »

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