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Jul 05 AT 3:50 PM Edgar Cervantes 33 Comments

Video: Do you want TouchWiz UX on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Excitement reigned throughout the land when Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was going to come with stock Android 3.1. All that rejoicing was soon interrupted when Samsung announced TouchWiz UX would come in a later update. As Android enthusiasts, we will always prefer the Vanilla Android experience, ... Read More »

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May 29 AT 8:34 AM Edgar Cervantes 32 Comments

Samsung fights Apple back, requesting final versions of iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Always evolving, mobile technology has become quite competitive. Manufacturers are constantly going at it, suing each other for everything they can. Last month, Apple sued Samsung for copying the look and feel of the iPhone’s hardware and software. Taking Apple’s side, the court decided (last week) that Samsung would hand over samples of their upcoming ... Read More »