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Feb 24 AT 1:02 PM Taylor Wimberly 27 Comments

Top 10 Android app updates for the week ending February 24

When I got my first Android phone a little over three years ago, one of my favorite things was to browse the Android Market and watch which apps were being pushed to the Android Market. Developers soon began to exploit the Just In section of the Android Market with fake updates to get their app to the ... Read More »


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Aug 24 AT 5:29 PM Dustin Earley 13 Comments

Google Docs for Android updated with Web Clipboard; support for 46 languages

It’s been nearly 6 months since Google first released their Docs app for Android. In that time, the development team behind the project has been hard at work introducing new features, improving cross-platform compatibility and adding support for some 45 new languages. Today, Google has taken a brief moment to announce some of the changes ... Read More »

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