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Jan 27 AT 1:43 PM Nick Sarafolean 5 Comments

Google Fiber officially expanding to four new cities

With rumors of a Google Fiber expansion popping up, many were waiting to hear which cities would receive the super-fast Internet service. Today, via the Google Fiber Blog, Google announced four new cities to which Google Fiber will be expanding. The cities are Atlanta, Ga., Nashville, Tenn., Charlotte, N.C. and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., marking ... Read More »

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Jul 31 AT 9:51 AM Nick Sarafolean 7 Comments

Starbucks, Google team up to offer faster Wi-Fi

Coffee shops have become the go-to for free Internet access. If you need internet access, you go to a coffee shop. It’s the natural thought process. But unfortunately, some coffee shops offer better Wi-Fi than others. That has long been a problem for Starbucks. Many people regard its Internet as laughable; speeds are about as ... Read More »

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Jul 26 AT 5:41 PM Dustin Earley 31 Comments

Google Fiber Internet, TV become reality

Google’s 1000Mbps fiber Internet service has been in the works for years now. After miles of red tape, costly construction fees and more than a few obstacles along the way, Google Fiber has finally launched in Kansas City, Missouri. And it’s everything you ever thought it would be.

With real world speeds sitting at around ... Read More »

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Feb 06 AT 3:50 PM Dustin Earley 45 Comments

Google set to enter next phase in one gigabit per second broadband rollout

Google’s plans to launch a one gigabit per second residential broadband network have been in the works for nearly two years now. After extensive testing, picking a city and cutting through miles of red tape, Google is finally ready to enter the next phase of development.

In a blog post titled “Kansas City ... Read More »

google fiber internet boradband Image via: qwrrty with Creative Commons