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Nov 05 AT 3:28 PM Dustin Earley 19 Comments

Google opens up on Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5

Every now and again, Google likes to open up on their products and services, giving consumers an idea of where the company is heading and shining some light on anything that may come off as a little confusing. Today Google has done just that by offering up some high-level employees for some interviews with Read More »


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Oct 28 AT 6:14 PM Dustin Earley 28 Comments

Nexus 5 mega news roundup

The Nexus 5 is almost here. It’s so close, we can practically taste it. Rumors of a release by the end of the week are starting to look more and more likely as we haven’t even reached Monday night yet, and we have more than enough rumors and leaks to fill the front page of ... Read More »