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May 20 AT 2:46 PM Dustin Earley 22 Comments

Google Plus update brings the web’s best new features to Android

Last night, Google’s Vic Gundotra took to Google Plus to write that he was having a hard time falling asleep because he was excited about something that was set to happen today. This morning, like clockwork, a huge update for the Google Plus Android app was released with photography, location and discovery enhancements, putting the ... Read More »


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May 16 AT 12:39 PM Dustin Earley 35 Comments

Hangouts with SMS integration is on the way

Google may have just launched their new messaging app Hangouts yesterday, but we’re already hearing what’s next for the service. According to Google Plus’ community manager of Hangouts and Chat, Dori Storbeck, SMS integration will be making its way to Hangouts soon.

While Hangouts did solve some of the problems surrounding Google’s various messaging services, ... Read More »

May 15 AT 1:01 PM Dustin Earley 33 Comments

Google’s unified messaging service launching as “Hangouts” on Android, web and iOS

Google’s various messaging services have long been painfully confusing. Syncing between devices, photo sharing and video conferencing have been a headache for years now, but that’s all about to change with Google “Hangouts.”

Hangouts is the messaging service that everyone’s been waiting for. Hangouts takes the best of all of Google’s messaging apps, and combines ... Read More »

hangouts10 Image via: The Verge