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Jan 12 AT 11:58 AM Sean Riley 0 Comments

Google experimenting with nearby, what’s hot and recent searches in Google Search

It seems that Google is playing with some new functionality for Google Search to kick off the new year, Reddit user tyler_shaw24 has posted some images of his Google Search after installing the January security update on his Nexus 6P and Recent Searches, What’s Hot and Nearby options now appear below his last search.

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Apr 30 AT 3:17 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Google adds custom voice actions to Google Now

Google Now offers quite a few voice actions, but so far they’ve been strictly related to Google services like search, reminders, and control of various Google Now cards. But the Android Developers Google+ account announced new custom voice actions that opens up Google Now to third parties (through Google, of course).

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