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Mar 23 AT 3:08 PM Dustin Earley 62 Comments

Google wants to monitor your phone calls’ background noise to better serve you ads

Google is no stranger to collecting your information in order to better serve you advertisements, but if a recently filed patent ever comes to life, the company will be taking it to the next level.

Google has made a fortune out of organizing information. They’ve created algorithms and catalogued the Internet. They’ve taken pictures all ... Read More »

Nov 15 AT 3:30 PM Edgar Cervantes 19 Comments

Google Voice app update; text to multiple recipients, pre-fetch voicemails

At last! Google listened to us and just updated the Google Voice app (version with two of the best features we’ve seen in a while. One of them we’ve been requesting for a long time.

Yes, my friends. We can finally send a text message to multiple recipients, simultaneously. Just keep adding those contacts ... Read More »


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Sep 09 AT 12:36 PM Anthony Domanico 8 Comments

Google Voice updated, adds two widgets

Just days after the leaked Google Voice application from Tmobile’s upcoming G2 phone, Google Voice received an official update in the Android Market. The updated application brings two new homescreen widgets.

The Google Voice Inbox Widget allows you to view your Google Voice voicemail and text messages right from your homescreen without needing to launch ... Read More »