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Aug 20 AT 11:20 AM Dustin Earley 51 Comments

Another one bites the dust: webOS shows us why Android is king in the mobile landscape

The life of a smartphone manufacturer is not an easy one. In order to be successful, you need a laundry list of elements to fall in place at just the right times. You don’t just need a familiar name or killer hardware anymore. Manufacturers and developers should be able to create an entire ecosystem surrounding ... Read More »


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Aug 12 AT 12:58 PM Anthony Domanico 50 Comments

Nintendo could single-handedly revolutionize Android gaming…but they don’t wanna

It’s a tough time to be Nintendo lately, and a recent report by Bloomberg suggests Nintendo’s shareholders are angry about their business model. It’s no secret that sales of Nintendo’s Wii and 3DS gaming consoles are struggling as of late. And with the gaming industry less-than-impressed with the upcoming WiiU console, it appears shareholders want ... Read More »