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Oct 28 AT 3:56 PM Edgar Cervantes 16 Comments

GameStop steps into the tablet world

Technology is evolving and so are games. GameStop knows that gaming has migrated out of consoles and is now very mobile. While these devices are not as powerful as consoles, they are making headway. Without a doubt, mobile gaming has gained immense popularity, even defeating the purpose gaming consoles for many.

GameStop has ... Read More »


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Oct 28 AT 11:24 AM Sean Riley 21 Comments

Google TV update coming next week with Honeycomb and the Android Market in tow

Well after the false start yesterday we finally have confirmation that the Honeycomb (Android 3.1 to be exact) update for Google TV will start rolling out first to Sony devices next week and then to Logitech devices “soon thereafter.”

So just what is the update bringing? Well, Google laid ... Read More »

google TV Image via: Google TV blog
Oct 03 AT 4:56 PM Dustin Earley 14 Comments

Adobe debuts new Touch Apps; Photoshop Touch leads the way

Today at Adobe MAX, the company announced the next steps for their insanely popular photo editing software Photoshop: an Android version of the application, called Photoshop Touch.

Featuring a ton of touch- and tablet-optimized controls, Adobe Photoshop Touch aims to be your one-stop-shop for photo editing on touchscreen devices. Currently in production for ... Read More »

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