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Apr 29 AT 4:01 PM Dustin Earley 13 Comments

Watch Samsung’s designers get way too deep and contradict each other with the Galaxy S 4

The design process of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was no joke. “How can it be a meaningful life companion?” “It understands me… it’s aware of me… It knows what I’m trying to do…” “How can we change people’s lives for the better?” These are the thoughts of Samsung’s smartphone designers.

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Oct 11 AT 3:07 PM Dustin Earley 150 Comments

When it comes to design, the LG Nexus misses the mark

A truly great smartphone experience comes down to the marriage of software and hardware; how the two come together to form a conjoined experience. It’s about more than just using high-quality components. Design finally matters in a smartphone. And either Google doesn’t care, or they have it all wrong.

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