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Mar 12 AT 4:50 PM Dima Aryeh 6 Comments

Appmethod helps you code Android, iOS, desktop apps natively at the same time

Coding an app for multiple platforms often requires a lot of time and resources. We constantly see developers release Android apps much later than the iOS counterpart. However, a new app attempts to make it easier for developers to make apps for many platforms at once. And though it’s not the first, it’s a very ... Read More »


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Jul 02 AT 1:41 PM Dustin Earley 12 Comments

Android on top in Europe, iOS growing in US

Just how much weight one should put behind market share is debatable, but recent numbers from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech certainly make Android look good. According to Kantar Worldpanel, Android now owns a whopping 70.4 percent of the European market, while iOS sits at 17.8 percent.

You can argue web usage, Black Friday shopping numbers and ... Read More »