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Dec 21 AT 4:41 PM Edgar Cervantes 82 Comments

avast! Mobile Security out of Beta, completely free

Android smartphones are indeed powerful devices. Owning one can also mandate many responsibilities. We tend to have our whole lives linked to these gadgets: bank accounts, email accounts (work and personal), social networks, Paypal, contacts, and the list goes on. The avast! app has been available in Beta for a while, but it’s now fully ... Read More »


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Nov 22 AT 1:48 PM Edgar Cervantes 16 Comments

Googler speaks of mobile security, says anti-virus companies are playing with your fears

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system in the planet. With over 200 million devices activated, and over 550,000 added daily, Android is taking over the world. This also raises a concern, though, as developers of malicious software often target platforms with the most exposure. No one will write a malicious ... Read More »

hacker Image via: altemark with Creative Commons