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Aug 31 AT 4:04 PM Dustin Earley 0 Comments

Specs on new LG Nexus 5 leak

While the more affordable, mid-range Android handset market is jam-packed now and getting fuller by the day, there’s still one name that makes every Android fan’s ears perk up: Nexus. According to some new, reliable information from Android Police, an updated LG Nexus 5 is coming soon, and it’s exactly what fans of ... Read More »


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Apr 15 AT 4:01 PM Dustin Earley 0 Comments

Google Workshop still alive? Could bring custom cases to your Nexus 6

Nothing says “mine” like stuffing your meticulously designed, brand-new smartphone into a plastic shell plastered with anime characters, carbon fiber, pink camouflage or some bright tone of colored paint. Phone cases are here to stay, and while companies like HTC, Samsung and even Apple have taken advantage of that fact, Google hasn’t really embraced ... Read More »