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Feb 20 AT 1:34 PM Dima Aryeh 14 Comments

Visa, MasterCard now support Tap and Pay, but it’s up to your bank to decide

Ever since Google Wallet debuted, we’ve had the ability to pay with our smartphones (well, a small fraction of us have, anyway). It was as easy as tapping your phone on the sensor and entering your PIN. What could be so bad about that? We don’t know, but apparently the carriers do. Most of them ... Read More »

Tap and Pay Google Wallet

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Oct 31 AT 11:21 AM Nick Gray 20 Comments

KitKat update to feature new NFC protocol, step detector, low-end hardware optimization and more

New Android 4.4 details have been revealed today, giving us another look at the changes Google will be making under the hood with its upcoming KitKat update. Amir Efrati, a former Wall Street Journal reporter claims to have reviewed a confidential document intended for Android device manufacturers which details many of the new features Google ... Read More »