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American Express launches Amex Pay in Canada

Yet another mobile payment system has emerged, this time in Canada. American Express has launched Amex Pay, an NFC mobile payment system built into the Amex CA app for Android.

This mobile payment system is similar to what Android Pay and Apple Pay offer. You connect your card, tap the phone to a compatible scanner, ... Read More »

Amex Pay
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Chase to start supporting Android Pay on Sept. 7

Though many banks now support Android Pay, Chase has not offered any support for its cards in the mobile payment app, meaning that those with Chase cards have been left out. Thankfully, that’s about to change.

We knew that chase would eventually support Android Pay, but thanks to this leaked document, we have a ... Read More »

Android Pay

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OnePlus Mini specs leak, include NFC

The rumored OnePlus Mini is gaining some steam, with a few leaks about the hardware specifications of the device popping up. The latest leak gives some pretty impressive specs for the $250 price point, but OnePlus fans might be pretty upset by the inclusion of NFC.

The device could be powered by either a Snapdragon ... Read More »