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Apr 18 AT 3:40 PM Taylor Wimberly 28 Comments

Petition against Verizon wireless contracts nears 100k signatures

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently said it would be “pretty easy” to eliminate wireless contracts if consumers started asking for it, so a Verizon customer and blogger from Wichita, Kansas, started a Change.org petition to get the ball rolling. In his petition, Mike Beauchamp says that “this has the potential to change the entire wireless industry” and he ... Read More »

Apr 09 AT 2:11 PM Taylor Wimberly 92 Comments

Is switching from T-Mobile to Virgin Mobile a “no-brainer?”

Last month T-Mobile un-leashed their no-contract Simple Choice plans, which separated the mobile device costs from the service plan. This is a relatively new concept for the Big 4 US carriers, but Virgin Mobile recently reminded us that they have offered similar no-contract plans for Android devices since 2011.

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Apr 09 AT 12:05 PM Taylor Wimberly 293 Comments

Straight Talk denies hard cap on “unlimited data”, but fails to disclose when they throttle

Last year I briefly switched to TracFone’s Straight Talk SIM when I cancelled my Verizon contract, but I eventually left the service because of their undefined data policy. Straight Talk SIM offers a no-contract plan for $45 which includes unlimited talk, text, and data, but we all know that “unlimited” is never really ... Read More »