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Jun 05 AT 1:23 PM Sean Riley 11 Comments

OnLive gaming coming to Google TV, LG Smart TV G2 Series to be the first

OnLive has been around for a couple years now delivering console level gaming on lower end hardware by offloading most of the hard work to OnLive’s servers and then just streaming it to your device. The catch of course is that you need a pretty fast connection (at least 5 Mbps) to make it run ... Read More »


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Jul 25 AT 12:01 PM Alberto Vildosola 1 Comment

Qualcomm acquires gesture technology from GestureTek, Kinect-like features on Google TV get closer to reality

Qualcomm just announced the acquisition of certain IP assets from GestureTek, a company working on gesture recognition technology. It’s not clear at this point exactly which assets Qualcomm has acquired, but the company did say the acquisition gives them access to gesture recognition technology, as well as “key engineering resources.”

GestureTek, which has ... Read More »