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Jul 02 AT 3:03 PM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Chief Designer of Project Ara departs Google

Project Ara is the long-awaited effort to bring a modular smartphone to the masses. Instead of buying a smartphone and tossing it out when you upgrade, you’ll be able to swap out modules just by pulling them out and sliding new ones in. Everything from the processor to the display will be replaceable, and it seems people love ... Read More »

Motorola Project Ara parts
Oct 17 AT 4:28 PM Brooks Barnard 9 Comments

New SwiftKey beta available, merges phone and tablet layouts

Android’s favorite keyboard, SwifKey, announced today a new beta keyboard available for you to test right now. They’ve decided to call this latest keyboard version, “Layouts for Living.” The developers at SwiftKey have been listening and heard our cry in regards to so many different Android devices coming in so many different sizes and shapes. ... Read More »

SwiftKey Beta

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Apr 15 AT 11:01 PM Russell Holly 16 Comments

Hands on with the Samsung Droid Charge!

LTE is really great if it’s in your area already. Even though the network is not fully populated when compared to WiMAX in it’s infancy, it’s still much much faster, and relatively low latency. It’s a mobile network that routinely puts low end cable and DSL ISP’s to shame in my opinion. The HTC Thunderbolt, ... Read More »