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Feb 16 AT 3:14 PM Edgar Cervantes 26 Comments

Sony acquisition of Ericsson now complete – what we can expect

This has been one of the smoothest acquisitions we have seen in the life of Android. In less than 4 months since its announcement, Sony has completed the full acquisition of the Ericsson mobile devision. This costed the Japanese manufacturer €1.05 billion, but good ol’ Sony is now in full charge of its ... Read More »


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Feb 14 AT 9:50 AM Anthony Domanico 17 Comments

Score! HTC phones rumored to get PlayStation Certification at Mobile World Congress

According to a rumor making its way around the webosphere this morning, owners of HTC smartphones and tablets will soon be able to play PlayStation certified games on their devices. Pocket-Lint is reporting that Sony and HTC could make the announcement yet this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The move is made possible through ... Read More »

Jan 27 AT 10:27 AM Taylor Wimberly 25 Comments

PlayStation Suite will bring PS One classics to Android 2.3 devices

Today Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced PlayStation Suite, a hardware-neutral game framework to bring the PlayStation experience to Android phones and tablets. SCE will start a license program called PlayStation Certified, where they will work with hardware manufacturers to “ensure the delivery of PlayStation quality experience across various devices.”

Devices that become PlayStation Certified will ... Read More »