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Feb 14 AT 12:27 PM Taylor Wimberly 15 Comments

MediaTek to bring Android 4.0 and high performance specs to entry level devices

One billion people will own smartphones in four years, says Forrester, a research company. A large portion of that growth over the next couple years will come when owners of feature phones finally switch over to smartphones. Companies like MediaTek will accelerate this transition by delivering high performance chips to entry-level Android devices.

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Aug 15 AT 12:04 PM Taylor Wimberly 18 Comments

id Software demos the power of smartphone GPUs

During last week’s QuakCon 2010, John Carmack of id Software showed off a tech demo of Rage running on the iPhone 4 at 60 frames per second. The graphics looked amazing and will make most Android fans jealous, but most of the latest Android phones actually have the power to duplicate the same performance.

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