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Verizon Q2 earnings in; mo’ money, mo’ tablets

Verizon’s Q2 earnings have come in to the tune of $31.5 billion in total revenue, a 5.7 percent increase over Q2 2013. An even bigger shift can be found with the total operating income of $7.7 billion, a 17.2 percent increase over Q2 2013. While companies as big as Verizon usually haul in large amounts ... Read More »


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Google releases Q2 earnings, better than expected

Google has released its Q2 earnings with a total net income of $3.42 billion, up from last year’s earnings. Total revenue was over $16 billion, a 22% increase over Q2 2013. Nearly $11 billion of the total revenue was brought in from Google sites, which is a good indicator of how many people use Google ... Read More »

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Jul 03 AT 9:34 AM Nick Sarafolean 3 Comments

HTC announces Q2 earnings, first profit this year

Normally, quarterly earnings reports are rather dry. But for HTC, a company that has long struggled with making money, quarterly reports are pretty important. Today HTC’s Q2 earnings are out, and the company has shown its first profit in a year, pulling in NT$2.26 billion ($75 million). That’s a thin sliver of the NT$65 billion ($2.17 billion) in revenue, but ... Read More »