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Feb 12 AT 12:45 PM Dima Aryeh 13 Comments

Pebble app update delay pinned on difficulty of coding for Android

New for software version 2.0, the Pebble has finally received its own app store, letting you download apps for the smart watch in one location. But while iOS users have had the pleasure of using this app store since earlier this month,  Android folk still don’t have official access. In order to use the Android ... Read More »

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Jan 17 AT 5:35 PM Sean Riley 2 Comments

What’s next in wearable tech

Last year at CES 2013, there was hype about wearables that didn’t quite deliver. While multiple companies did show off plans and prototypes, there were precious few ready to actually ship a product. Through the rest of the year, we saw those wearables and more trickle out slowly with varying purposes, designs and degrees of ... Read More »

Jan 08 AT 8:32 PM Nick Gray 4 Comments

Hands-on with the ZTE BlueWatch smartwatch

There were definitely a lot of Android smartphones and tablets floating around  CES this year, but wearables and smartwatches also made a huge splash. A newcomer to the smartwatch market is ZTE with its BlueWatch, which acts as a pedometer, remote camera controller, and caller ID and can also deliver notifications from applications on your Android ... Read More »

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