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Jan 05 AT 11:25 AM Nick Gray 2 Comments

Alcatel OneTouch Watch hands-on overview

Alcatel had quite few new products to showcase at CES this year, but the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is easily the most exciting device in the company’s lineup. While most major players in the smartwatch space use Android Wear as the operating system of choice, Alcatel’s OneTouch Watch is using a propriety system ... Read More »

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Oct 23 AT 12:26 PM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Google announces pre-order for Sony SmartWatch 3 and fitness-centric update for Android Wear

In a blog post today, Google officially unveiled the latest update to Android Wear, Android Wear 4.4W.2. The update focuses primarily on things to improve fitness, though they could also be used in other atmospheres. Importantly, Android Wear now supports smartwatches with GPS sensors, allowing you track your run and calculate things ... Read More »