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Mar 22 AT 2:10 PM Clark Wimberly 29 Comments

Draw Something Shootout – Galaxy Note S Pen vs Jot Pro Stylus vs Finger

To say over the past few weeks that Angie and I have been playing a lot of Draw Something would be an understatement. We’ve played damn near every other letter tile game so the addition of drawing, especially reanimated drawing, has more than captured our fancy. We play it when we’re laying in ... Read More »


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Nov 08 AT 12:45 PM Taylor Wimberly 18 Comments

Android’s touch user experience could be revolutionized by Atmel maXStylus

Who has the industry’s highest performing stylus for tablets and handsets? We have seen a handful of Android devices with stylus accessories, but that number should greatly increase thanks advancements from Atmel and new developer features found in Android 4.0. Atmel is already one of the leaders in capacitive touch solutions on Android devices and the company ... Read More »