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Mar 04 AT 11:12 AM Sean Riley 8 Comments

Android claims top spot in tablets according to Gartner

Today’s news will probably come as little surprise to anyone that’s paid attention to the smartphone market over the last several years, as the tablet market has largely played out in a similar fashion. According to a recently-released Gartner study, Android’s tablet market share overtook iOS’s in 2013, despite the feeling that some people were ... Read More »

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Nov 21 AT 11:50 PM Alex Wagner 11 Comments

Google Play Store on tablets to default to ‘Designed for tablets’ section in top lists

Own an Android-powered tablet? If so, you should now have a much easier time finding applications that are optimized for big screen. Google has announced that, starting today, a “Designed for tablets” section will be the default view for tablet users perusing the Play Store’s top lists. The list will include apps that follow Google’s ... Read More »

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