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Mar 19 AT 11:07 AM Nick Gray 157 Comments

HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4: The ultimate 2013 Android showdown

It’s nearly impossible to go a full week without a new Android phone announced these days. Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG and Motorola will each deliver 10-15 new Android-powered devices this year, but our focus and consumer dollars will be appropriated to only a handful of flagship phones. While Sony and LG have some amazingly designed and spec’d devices in ... Read More »

Aug 29 AT 11:01 AM Nick Gray 14 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Note II details, picture leak before official announcement

The official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is literally just around the corner, but it seems the final details have managed to leak out at the last minute. PocketNow has posted new details about the Galaxy Note II. Most the design elements found on the Samsung Galaxy S III are included (not too ... Read More »


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Feb 07 AT 10:04 AM Nick Gray 60 Comments

Why Android’s custom UIs are important to the future of the platform

While most consumers are still trying to figure out the differences between Froyo, Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, Android enthusiasts are praising the latest iteration of Android. Android 4.0 delivered a myriad of new functionalities to Android, including a shiny new user interface (UI). The Android development team at Google spent countless hours making Android’s ... Read More »