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Mar 09 AT 5:50 PM Nick Gray 17 Comments

HTC teases new and improved Ultrapixel technology on the all new HTC One

Another week – another official all new HTC One teaser video directly from HTC. The third installment of HTC’s “Technical Translations” series gives us the lowdown on the Ultrapixel camera sensor with its 2.0 micrometer pixels that HTC crammed inside the 2013 HTC One. Once the technical mumbo jumbo is translated into layman’s terms, the ... Read More »


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Mar 25 AT 9:37 AM Nick Gray 36 Comments

HTC ditches ‘quietly brilliant’ tagline as company bolsters marketing budget

HTC’s “quietly brilliant” tagline has sevred the company well over the years, but HTC’s new chief marketing officer, Benjamin Ho, thinks it’s time for things to change. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ho revealed that HTC will be retiring the company tagline and changing its marketing strategy by cranking up the volume.

While HTC’s social media ... Read More »