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Dec 09 AT 5:13 PM Nick Sarafolean 49 Comments

Why do you use a phablet?

Since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the XL phone segment has really taken off. Proponents of the sub-genre have even coined a new term: phablet, a hybrid mesh between phones and tablets. (Hint: they’re actually giant phones). With the amount of them that are sold, it’s easy to see that people like them. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Oct 30 AT 6:36 PM Nick Sarafolean 73 Comments

How do you use your Android tablet?

XOOM back to 2011 and remember what significant event took place in the Android tablet world. If you couldn’t gather the answer from our rather obvious (and pathetic) pun, then we’ll cut the crap and just remind you that the Motorola XOOM came out then. While it had its flaws, the XOOM rocked the Android ... Read More »

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