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Jun 22 AT 10:24 AM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Samsung launches Samsung Creators, Gear 360 in US

Virtual reality is the place to be and Samsung is diving in headfirst. The company has already created its first VR headset and is now working to bolster the ecosystem. Samsung has previously supported programs to aid the development of virtual reality software, but the company is beginning a new program called Samsung ... Read More »

Samsung Gear 360 Image via: https://flic.kr/p/EjedzY
Mar 01 AT 3:00 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

McDonald’s to debut Happy Goggles VR headset made from a Happy Meal box

McDonald’s is the latest company to jump aboard the Google Cardboard train with the introduction of its new Happy Goggles VR headset, which is made from the company’s iconic Happy Meals box. Developed to celebrate Sweden’s “Sportlov” recreational holiday, McDonald’s will be putting 3,500 Happy Goggles headsets into circulation over the March 5 and March ... Read More »