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Jan 09 AT 9:00 AM Dima Aryeh 1 Comment

Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard review

Bluetooth keyboards are a dime a dozen, and like with many products these days, people tend to cheap out and get poor quality items. But what else is one to do on a budget? Inateck has, so far, been a great manufacturer of budget Android accessories, and the BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard is no different.

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Mar 07 AT 2:11 PM Dima Aryeh 5 Comments

G-Project G-POP Bluetooth speaker review

Many of you may have never heard of G-Project, but you definitely should. G-Project makes speakers, many of which are of the Bluetooth variety, but with some big twists. They’re made to be rugged, loud and low-cost. But being low-cost has never stopped the speakers from sounding good. This review will be on the G-POP, ... Read More »

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Jun 29 AT 3:42 PM Alberto Vildosola 29 Comments

Video: OnLive CEO unveils the wireless technology of the future; 100x capacity, no more cell towers

Not happy with just showing us the future of video gaming and web browsing, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman also wants to shake up the wireless industry. During a presentation at Columbia University, Steve revealed an “entirely new approach to wireless.” His company, Rearden, has been working on a new wireless technology that’s ... Read More »