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Sep 05 AT 10:31 PM Taylor Wimberly 10 Comments

Miss Motorola’s “On Display” event? Watch the entire thing on YouTube

“The new Motorola starts today,” the phone maker’s chief executive, Dennis Woodside, said Wednesday at a press event with Google and Verizon. “If you want the best Android device available, you should be looking at a Motorola device.”

By now you have probably read about Motorola’s new devices that were announced today, but I bet ... Read More »


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Aug 06 AT 3:07 PM Dustin Earley 68 Comments

Apple moves closer to totally ditching Google; does away with YouTube app

It’s no secret that Apple wants its users to move away from Google services. Siri works as hard as possible to give consumers information from anywhere but Google and Apple has released their own mapping solution to back away from Google Maps. Just today it was revealed in the latest beta release of iOS 6, ... Read More »

android-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons