4th gen Nexus

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Every year Google announces a new Nexus. The Nexus – a smartphone with the latest and greatest version of our favourite green robot, Android. However, many people (especially tech enthusiasts) were disappointed on the hardware side of the Galaxy Nexus(3rd gen). So this makes to me think what is a nexus device exactly? Most say its a developer phone – yes that would be correct, however I would also like to add on to that.

I think that a Nexus device should set new standards for other phone manufacturers, that is the best of Hardware and Software combined together to create a superior phone which really blows the mind away at how brilliant it has been engineered.

Since the very best software is already there( recent release of Jelly Bean), what makes a Nexus device from showing its untapped potential is on the hardware side. So in order to create a superphone, new industry standard must be set, which means the best technology which is available at moment of time. The latest and greatest of each components which make up the superphone, e.g the new Cortex-A15 architecture, bigger battery, camera etc..

It has been rumoured of 5 nexus devices being announced. This is great as Android is all about choice and that people(specially tech enthusiasts) are able to go for a different option if they are disappointed in some aspects, such as no micro-sd card slot.

If this would be true, which one would you choose?

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2
  • HTC Nexus 2
  • NeXperia
  • Motorola Droid Nexus
  • etc..

Since they would have the latest OS version, what characteristics would you be looking for compared to other OEMs? Build quality, aesthetics, materials used, etc..

I hope the OEMs combined with the power of Android engineer something that blows my mind and makes me say: “This is the one“.

God bless Android.
God bless Google.

  • LukeT32

    I personally don’t think they Gnex let me down on the hardware side. It was released behind when it was intially supposed to be by (i think) 4 months. In the technology world that is outdated, let alone almost a year later. The S3 and Gnex don’t have alot un-common in my opinion.

    And who needs more then 32 gig on board?

    • spookz

      Yea i agree with u that the Galaxy Nexus was a great device, no doubt about that. But people the processor was a bit of a let down, people expected a quad core chipset for it(since its a Nexus). Having the best tech in it etc..

      Well about 32gig, most people wouldn’t buy every new smartphone that releases, they will get one which meets their requirements, so they would be using the phone for X number of years, storing their data over the years as they use their phone

  • Bpear96

    I’d like to see a HTC made, One X style, Quad Core S4 with new adreno graphics. 2GB ram. Top of the line camera. “Unibody”, thats similar to Sensation, where back cover comes off, but wraps around most of phone. If not removable, a large battery (razr maxx large) would be nice. 4.5-4.8″ 720p SLCD2 or Non pentile S AMOLED. Onscreen buttons of course. Sounds pretty perfect to me :D. But im happy with my One XL, with CM10 almost bug free for it ! And i dont know if it happen, but a microSD card slot would really be nice.. If not 32GB minimum for internal storage. Capped data plans, and cloud storage just dont mix yet..

    • Bpear96

      Also a Xperia GX/ARC style nexus would be nice as well :D

    • spookz

      That would be worthy of a Nexus, but if its possible maybe they could replace the Quad Core S4 with the Dual Core Cortex-A15 to see how it compares to other chipsets. As for the other specs that would be great. A large battery is a necessity, screen size 4.5 inch 720p S Amoled non-pentile, top quality camera. Yes a micro SD card slot would be really great to have- to store mainly music on it and easy to transfer from pc to phone and vice-versa. And well unlocked

    • J.P. in L.A.

      S4 is not a quad core chip set..and for this upcoming GNEX Samsung is already manufacturing retna Oled displays and a quadcore chip that blows away the Exynos that was originally in the S3 phone but it is going to take a few months before they would be able to put all that new tech into a phone so even though I personally would like to have a phone before next year for them to do this whole thing right..I think the time frame is a little to tight. Oh yeah and lets hope the carriers don’t mess this whole thing up once the perfect finished product is ready to go-

      • redraider133

        There is an s4 quad core chip so yes s4 technically *is* quad core just not the s4 being used in current model phones like the one x/sgs3

  • Jaydude

    I like almost everything about the phone. The Galaxy Nexus did have some pretty good firsts. It was the first phone to get the 720p display spec out there (Even though it was a pentile one) but it got manufacturers started. The Processor was a very good one in those days (No quad cores phones were out then), and what happened after? HTC One X, Galaxy S3… It got manufacturers going. The only negatives about the Gnex were that there was no microSD slot, but really? it already had plenty of on-board space so it didn’t bother me so much. The display is pentile and that is one of those thing that you don’t really notice, but you know it is there and it kinda spoils the phone a little (For people who know what a pentile display is). And that is about it. All the good things really made the cons minuscule and I indeed wanted the phone really bad, but my contract update wasn’t for another year and I didn’t have the money to get it. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the next Nexus phone. I’m going crazy, and really excited for what Google has for me this time. Go Android!

    • kazahani

      The display doesn’t spoil a thing. I like my SAMOLED lots better than the SLCD on the One X.

    • spookz

      Yes almost everything about the phone was great. However you said what was on my mind:

      “It was the first phone to get the 720p display spec out there (Even though it was a pentile one) but it got manufacturers started. The Processor was a very good one in those days (No quad cores phones were out then), and what happened after? HTC One X, Galaxy S3… It got manufacturers going.”

      The Galaxy Nexus set a bar– manufacturers had to set new standards and that is when quad core processors started getting in phones. So my point being that the next nexus should set new standards which would make manufacturers making phones with these new standards/technologies.

      • Jaydude

        Hopefully Google won’t disappoint :) Scratch that… get ready for another great product

    • LukeT32

      I have recieved several compliments from people on the display on my Gnex. People are always asking me what phone I have. I love the display. Everyone says pentile displays are bad, but I have no complaints…. Well one… the 720p display rocks the shit out of my battery. It is by far the biggest consumer on my phone.

  • Mix

    I was going to grab a Samsung S3 this month but I have decided to wait for the next Nexus instead…unless I can find a cheap used Nexus to tide me over but I’ve waited 3 years to get rid of my BB Bold, so what’s another 8 months or so…..

    *Kill me now*

    • spookz

      lol dude we are in the same boat… i was waited for almost 3 years to choose the right one for me.. the one which would make me say this is one really uber awesome phone.

      • spookz

        have waited*

        • Mix

          At least the trip isn’t so lonely now, lol.

          The only good things I can say about my BB Bold is the thing is a tank and still looks brand new.

  • redraider133

    Nexus devices were never meant to really be breaking edge specs wise they are more to show off the software. I hope HTC and moto get a shot at a nexus, I always wanted the nexus 1 until they pulled the carpet out from under us Verizon customers.

    • spookz

      Let me ask you this, What would you show off if everyone had the same software?

      • redraider133

        well if every phone was stock android I am sure they would go to show off the internals sort of like apple does with the iphone most of the time. But that is not going to happen which is the reason I think the nexus is more about software. I think Google can show how smooth it can run without needing the bleeding edge specs( although I think they should go that route with future nexus devices)

  • NamelessTed

    My idea of a great Nexus phone would be a Tegra 3+ powered device from ASUS. I would also love the biggest battery possible. I am talking Droid MAXX big, even more if possible. I want to have a phone that I don’t have to charge it every day.

    • LukeT32

      Agreed.. My Gnex doesn’t do so hot on battery life. I have to seriously try and conserve battery to make it a full day even with the extended battery. So I just have chargers with me at work and home + the car. I also am a power user though. I stream music all day at work over 4G…

    • Jaydude

      One other thing that would be great is a new battery technology. Instead of the now oldish li-on, bring something new to the table. The batteries are getting too big, and I think it is time to get a new kind of power source out there

  • redraider133

    What if Google opened up their site and allowed users to vote on what they wanted then made the nexus from that(within reason of course)

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    If Samsung made the GNex 2 a 1080p screen with next gen Quad core Exynos with plenty of RAM, well yeah, I’d go with that.

    • LukeT32

      the battery might as well be the size of a back pack if you plan to use your phone for more then 10 minutes….

    • redraider133

      and hopefully a little better radios than in the nexus because they have been nothing but issues for many with the galaxy nexus especially on verizon.

    • mojeda

      Hopefully we can actually get a quad-core on verizon’s lte network also…

  • RX-78-7

    HTC and Sammy would be my preferred two companies.

    The best outcome for me would be:

    4.5-4.8 SLCD2 IPS screen
    8.8-8.9 thin with a 3,300-3,000mah battery(like the maxx)
    32GB built in memory, with SD card expansion(if there’s no expansion, then I would like 64GB)
    8MP high quality shooter
    2MP Front camera
    Exynos 5250 or OMAP5

  • Ablinjin

    Please have Snapdragon’s S4 Pro quad-core processor. Adreno 320 GPU for the win!