4th gen Nexus

Posted Aug 01, 2012 at 12:34 pm in Threads > Opinions

Every year Google announces a new Nexus. The Nexus – a smartphone with the latest and greatest version of our favourite green robot, Android. However, many people (especially tech enthusiasts) were disappointed on the hardware side of the Galaxy Nexus(3rd gen). So this makes to me think what is a nexus device exactly? Most say its a developer phone – yes that would be correct, however I would also like to add on to that.

I think that a Nexus device should set new standards for other phone manufacturers, that is the best of Hardware and Software combined together to create a superior phone which really blows the mind away at how brilliant it has been engineered.

Since the very best software is already there( recent release of Jelly Bean), what makes a Nexus device from showing its untapped potential is on the hardware side. So in order to create a superphone, new industry standard must be set, which means the best technology which is available at moment of time. The latest and greatest of each components which make up the superphone, e.g the new Cortex-A15 architecture, bigger battery, camera etc..

It has been rumoured of 5 nexus devices being announced. This is great as Android is all about choice and that people(specially tech enthusiasts) are able to go for a different option if they are disappointed in some aspects, such as no micro-sd card slot.

If this would be true, which one would you choose?

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2
  • HTC Nexus 2
  • NeXperia
  • Motorola Droid Nexus
  • etc..

Since they would have the latest OS version, what characteristics would you be looking for compared to other OEMs? Build quality, aesthetics, materials used, etc..

I hope the OEMs combined with the power of Android engineer something that blows my mind and makes me say: “This is the one“.

God bless Android.
God bless Google.