Android Gaming

Posted Apr 02, 2012 at 8:05 pm in Threads > Apps & Games

Gaming on the mobile platform seems to really have taken off. We now have the tegra 3 and some pretty decent other processors. Devs are starting to take advantage of it now. So what’s your favorite android game? What device and processor do you have in your device? How do you feel about the state of android gaming? Please feel free to post a link to your favorite game in the Play store.

My personal favorite is the well known Shadowgun. I’m a huge fan of 3rd person shooters and this is pretty great!

For anyone looking for some console games on a tablet, I suggest you look at onlive or this: That link is to a tablet made by razer. PC gamers will be familiar with them.

So what do you guys like to play on your phone/tablet?

UPDATE: I thought I would update this thread for the new gaming hub Google has launched. what are your thoughts on it?