Anyone use Straight Talk under T-Mobile yet?

Posted Aug 09, 2012 at 12:53 pm in Threads > Opinions

Ever since I heard about this back a few months I’ve been excited to try it. But since I was getting a new phone I descided to hold off. I got a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S iii which uses the new micro SIM cards. The problem is that Straight Talk doesn’t supply the micro SIM cards for T-Mobile yet. (RED FLAG) I’ve been checking every few weeks for the last 2 months, but nothing.

I can’t imagine why it’s taking them this long to acquire micro SIM cards that will work on T-Mobile. They are very prompt in responding to emails inquiring about this. I suspect the support is based in the Phillipines. (RED FLAG)

I’ve got a confirmation on xada dev that the AT&T micro SIM will not work for a T-Mobile phone. Plus somebody did cut down a full size Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM and it worked in their T-Mobile phone. Plus Straight Talk confirmed in support email that this would work. (RED FLAG) I’m not too anxious to start cutting SIMs. I’ve tried micro SIM to full size SIM adapters and they didn’t work out so well.

So all of these RED FLAGs has got me a bit leary about Straight Talk now.

Does anybody have any experience with these guys?