Battery, Memory, and Games

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 3:20 pm in Threads > Games

With my phone I have always had to worry about the memory that I am using. It only has 500mb, stupid Infuse. Everyday I have to use a memory manager to kill things that I don’t want running, just so my phone doesn’t freeze. With my new Nexus I worry about the same thing. It isn’t as bad since I have twice the memory. I still worry that if I download too many games they will keep services running in the back ground and slow me down.

I don’t play games too often, but I want them on my tablet to share with others. I just don’t want notifications everyday that I should click to receive my award. How much memory is that using watching a timer on my tablet all day. I just wish I could stop services like that from ever running.

Since it is taking up memory it is probably taking battery life too. That makes me very sad. Does anyone else have this fear or problem?