Black Friday OMGLOLWUT???

Posted Nov 23, 2012 at 9:04 pm in Threads > Opinions

So I’ve just finished working 5am to 9pm at my store, and I am delerious. I will go home and fall on the floor and sleep there in my clothes next to the dog. However, before that happens, I thought I would update you all on the final tally for phone sales in my store today:

Galaxy S 3: 5 units

Other Android devices: 4 units

Dumbphones: A couple. (Lost count.)

People asking about the iPhone or interested in buying one: ZERO.

You have all heard by now that the GS3 just unseated the iPhone as the best selling smartphone in Q3 of this year. I am hear to tell you that Black Friday, and the holiday shopping season in general, belong to Samsung and Android.