Can Android be a Viable Console Gaming Platform? (Plus a Giveaway…)

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 1:56 pm in Threads > Games

We all know about Ouya, the company that turned from a no-namer into an Android sensation in less than a week thanks to their $8.6 million run on Kickstarter. This project is a particularly interesting one because it marks the first time ever that a company has attempted to take an Android-based box and turn it into a dedicated console gaming device. However, some others have gotten their toes wet. Vizio, with their $100 Co-Star (that you can purhcase today!) actually has OnLive gaming built-in from the get-go, so you can think of that as a console in a way (UPDATE: If OnLive is still in business!). And then we also have the Playstation-esque category whether it’s thought of as a specific phone or a set of phones that are Playstation-certified.

So what do you think? Does Android have a bright future in the Console gaming market? What is the success contingent on? And even more interestingly, how will the most popular games in this market work? Will they be exclusive to certain hardware/software (Tegra-exclusive? OnLive-exclusive? Ouya-exclusive?)? Or will they be games that we can also play on our tablets, phones, and other devices, so we can add a couple bluetooth controllers and hook up to a TV via HDMI out and make any Android device a make-shift console?

Chime in below with your thoughts!

But wait… there’s more!
Because I really REALLY want your feedback here, I’m going to bribe you a little bit. How? Well, since this is about gaming, I’m giving you a chance to win a free Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Gaming controller! This contest is open to all, even you international folk!

To enter, it’s simple!

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c. If I detect any cheating, then all of your entries will be eliminated from the contest! Please, play fair. :)
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