Do you Thin All we have to go Into Android?

Posted Dec 08, 2012 at 10:59 am in Threads > Opinions

before two years or earlier every one thought that only smart Phone is Iphone , it happened with middle east so i don’t know was like this with u in Europe or USA , for example iam from iraq before two years i got my LG Gt540 worked with Android 2.2 froyo and was first time playing with android , i think at these two past years no one know in my (college,dormitory,city) knew about android , but nowadays i see every one around me they ask me do i have buy this android phone and also ask me about its specifications , and thats made me too happy because i feel that every one think about specification of phone not what manufacturer made it and specifications is important to me not manufacturer , as we see android is really really grew up beside iphone may be one day pass iphone also ,finally i think we have to go to android , Do you think All we have to go to Android In future?

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