Does Android get bad rep due to being open source?

Posted Oct 04, 2012 at 6:00 pm in Threads > Opinions

One of the great things about Android is that it is open source and anyone can make hardware and have it run Android, whether it be phones, tablets, consoles, or cameras. But does this also pose a threat to itself?

1. Android Tablets
There are tons of Android Tablets online, and what worries me about this is that there can be a lot of sub-par tablets. While I’m not saying they are all horrible, I see a lot of tablets boasting Android OS for under $100 and this worries me because with low price usually comes low quality and poor support. While a lot of them may offer a great experience there are probably a lot that offer a terrible experience, which in the end could make someone think twice about Android devices.

2. User Interfaces/Experiences (HTC Sense, Motoblur, TouchWiz, etc)
Most Android phones and tablets come with their manufacturer’s own User Interface/Experience. HTC has Sense, Samsung has TouchWiz and Motorola has Motoblur, while they may have features that everyone likes there are bound to be some things that people don’t like which could in also could be damaging towards Android due to the consumer not knowing that some problems are due to manufacturer’s specific implementations and is not necessarily on all Android devices. Do manufacturer specific interfaces mask the true Android too much?

One of the nicest things about iOS, iPhones and iPads is the hardware is not all over the place and user experience is for the most part the same across the board. While some like having more options to choose from, some maybe not like having 50 different options to choose from.

What are your thoughts?