Galaxy S4 should be called S3+

Posted Mar 14, 2013 at 10:51 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Personally I feel like S4 should be called S3+ or S3.5 After all it still has that chubby looking design of S3 and it also looks like cheaply made out of plastic. Even the shinny looking rim around the device is not made of aluminium or something strong..its just shinny looking plastic.

Here is the proof

I’m personally looking forward to Motorola X being real or I might just get the HTC One.

P.S. Even though S4 comes with latest 4.2.2 version…in about 2 months its going to be “old” considering Key Lime Pie will be coming out in Mid-May (around Google I/O). Plus it will take Samsung 7 to 8 months to push out 5.0 update considering all the bloatware S4 comes with. By the way almost all those “features” will make it to S3 (expect the ones that are dependent on hardware like IR blaster). So once again S4 is just S3+ (with 1080P screen and litter bigger battery)

What you guys think?? And also Tegra 4 phones are probably around the corner..cant wait for those