Game review: Song Pop! A new “with friends” game to a different tune!

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 9:41 am in Threads > Entertainment

Song Pop is a relatively new game from FreshPlanet. Consider it like one of the “…With Friends” games only still addicting after a couple weeks. Here’s the gist of how it goes: You start a new game against either a friend or a random match up via the network. The person starting the game gets to a screen to choose between 3 music categories.

Upon choosing your category there will begin a countdown until the music starts. Once the music starts the game becomes very much like “Name That Tune” (or artist). You have a multiple choice guess between 4 songs or groups and the catch is not only getting them all right, but getting them chosen correctly the fastest.

There are 3 ways to advance in this game:
1. Answer 3 or more songs correctly in one round and you build up your stars.

Building up more stars will unlock more songs for you in each category. (Side note: I have been playing this game for a few weeks and after flying through the first 2-3 stars in each category, I was expecting to kind of run out of new songs to unlock and the game would get stale, however the more stars you get, the longer it takes to unlock the next one)
2. Winning an individual round.

If you win a round by getting the highest score in that round, you get 3 coins. Sound familiar? It should because it is like almost every other game in this category. The difference is that when you collect coins, you have the opportunity to buy new categories of music.

See that scroll bar on the right side of the screen shot? Yeah, there are that many categories left waiting for you to “purchase” them with in game coins. From “Crooners” to “I Love New York”. From “Classic Rap” to “60′s Rock”. There are plenty of categories for every person, and the best part is, when its your turn to choose the category, you can choose one you know will stump all your friends.
3. Winning a tournament. Each week, the total games you play against a single opponent will tally up and decide a winner of that tournament for that week. Upon winning you get “Gold Notes”.

Gold Notes are used for switching the 3 categories to choose from before you start a round, or removing 2 of the 4 choices in the middle of a round. Oh yeah, bragging rights are another perk of winning a tournament.

How does this game help itself you ask? Well at the end of each round it shows your guesses, times, and scores versus your opponent’s. But, if you notice above the list of songs is a link to either iTunes if you’re on the iPhone or the Amazon Music Store if you’re on Android. This link will conveniently take you to buy the songs that you heard in that round.
Does this tactic actually work? YES! I heard a song that I hadn’t heard since it first came out in 1996 and immediately went and got it because of the nostalgia. I can’t argue with these advertisements either because they are completely non-intrusive.
Another side note: It seems as though the iPhone version does have pop up adds after every 5-10 rounds, and you get Gold Notes or Coins as a reward for watching the ad video, but being on Android I haven’t experienced that. I think at most they have asked me to follow them on twitter a couple times but that is it.

My Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
That may not seem like a phenomenal rating, but considering games have a hard time keeping my interest for more than 2-3 weeks, this one still has me eager to waste an entire evening playing rounds against strangers just to hear the music. If you enjoy hearing random songs and screaming them out as you tap your guess into the screen, then you’ll fit right in with this addicting game. Consider yourself warned that when you hear a song in a round you’ll continue singing after you guess it and then you’ll miss the first part of the next song. It is a curse, but it only make the game that much better.


If you’ve been playing for a while, let me know your favorite category and any annoyances you have with the game.