Help me ditch Verizon – GSM, here we come!

Posted May 21, 2012 at 10:34 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

No Verizon!
(image courtesy of LifeHacker)

So I’ve made the decision that I’m leaving VZW (paying an ETF even to do so) and will be going to either T-Mobile or Straight Talk. However, there are some very important little details that I don’t know or understand that I need to know and understand to make this decision, and I need your help!

I want to go either to T-Mobile or Straight Talk. I’ll be making this move for myself and 3 other members of my family, so I have a variety of questions. If Republic Wireless were an option, I would also be considering them for a couple (but not all) of us. If you know the answers to any of these questions, or have other suggestions, please chime in!

StraightTalk on T-Mobile Network Questions:

  1. Do I get HSPA+ or just HSPA?
  2. If I get HSPA+, is it 42mbps or just 21mbps?
  3. Is it correct that I do NOT roam onto AT&T networks or anybody else?

StraightTalk on AT&T Network Questions:

  1. Do I get HSPA+ or just HSPA?
  2. Are there any rumors of supporting LTE? (I’m guessing no).
  3. Is it correct that I do NOT roam onto T-Mobile networks or anybody else?

General StraightTalk Questions:

  1. With “unlimited data”, what is the limit where they consider it abuse? 2GB? 5GB? 10GB? 20GB?
  2. Are there any SMS or MMS issues?
  3. With the 30MB/mo plan, what happens when you hit 30MB? Does it cut data off? Does it start charging you overages?

T-Mobile Questions (specific to the Monthly4G plans):

  1. With the 100/unlimited plan, are there any family-to-family or nights and weekends type of adjustments that can be added to make 100 minutes more than 100 minutes?
  2. When I hit the 2GB/5GB/whatever limits on the unlimited plan, what speeds should I expect?
  3. With the 1500 mins/texts and 30MB data plan, how do you track where you are on those 1500 mins/texts?

Two things I’m really excited about are 1) the ability to get international phones (looks at the quad-core SGS3) and 2) the ability to slip my SIM card into a tablet and have “native data”! :-)

In addition to these questions, do you have any other suggestions for me? Would LOVE the help here as the last time I’ve been on a non-Verizon carrier was when I had my T-Mobile G1! :-)