HTC Sensation ROMS?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 5:25 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Is anybody using a custom ROM for their Sensation 4G? I am specifically interested in IceCreamSandwich ROMs.

  • euio

    I did find Android Revolution HD. Has anybody used it?

  • antonio14reyes

    Ton of people on xda-developers.

  • Bpear96

    I REALLY recommend AOKP, ive been running it on my galaxy s ii for awhille now and absolutely love it :D its clean ICS but with some added features, that can be really useful, its incredibly smooth and im sure it will be on your sensations as well.

    Here it is for the sensation

    That is not stock AOKP, but this is what i recommend you do, to basically get it stock aokp with awesome stock ICS look :D

    1. Flash that rom “[ICS][AOKP34][70Mb]HyperSensation-v1.4″
    2. Flash the hyperSensation addon back
    3. Flash DefaultTheme 1.0
    4. Flash Gapps
    5. Reboot and be on AOKP you will love it :D

    i cant seem to find a stock aokp built from source rom for the sensation, but the above is basically that if you follow all the steps lol

  • coreyreyes

    Obviously I’m going to assume you’re rooted and have flashed the 3.32 firmware (there’s a link on the majority of ics Rom pages) otherwise you’ll get stuck in an infinite bootloop. Having tried literally every Rom out there for sensation, the first thing ill tell you is every single one has at least one little quirk or inconsistency that you’re gonna have to deal with, so do your research and try to develop a little understanding on what exactly you’re doing, it will save a lot of frustruation down the line. For my money, I always find myself going back to elegancia, because it seems to have the least problems with my phone (tmous sensation 4g) and pretty solid battery life (ill hit about 18 to 22 hours life, and I use my phone alot) plus the aesthetic is really clean. Elegancia is sense based, if you’re looking for a pure aosp ice experience like you would find on a phone that isn’t HTC, I’d suggest virtuous inquisition, there’s some great theming available from shinzlon it all looks really cool but something always seems to go unbearably screwy with it. I think you’ll find that situation with alot of the Roms out there. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is make sure you have a backup of your original Rom, make sure you follow every step properly, and just start flashing different roms. Don’t worry about what people say, phones are kinda like cars, it seems like everyone has something a little different that’s gonna go wrong. U just got to get a feel for yours and hope its not a lemon! Go do your research, and then go to they have an excellent, up to date list of roms. Be patient, FOLLOW THE STEPS CORRECTLY, and I’d say within a day of footwork you should have what you need. Just remember to try things out, and sometimes its not all perfect the first time around. When you run into a problem, 9 out of 10 times there will be a solution to it in the threads somewhere. Have fun, and good luck.

  • coreyreyes

    P.s. if you do go with sense, stick with 3.6. 4.0 is really nice, has some awesome new features, and the devs are working their asses off to get everything working smoothly on the sensation, but its just not there yet. The cons still outweigh the pros.

  • coreyreyes

    Also keep in mind that as you change roms, you might have to change kernels too. Most roms come with multiple kernel options, and you’ll find a lot of the time if there’s a problem with the Rom, all you have to do is change thekernel. Just go to recovery, wipe cache and dalvik, and install whatever kernel you want over the Rom.

  • euio

    Thanks for the links.