I Need Multiple “Windows” to Shed Computer for Tablet

Posted Apr 29, 2012 at 8:09 pm in Threads > Opinions

When I sit down with my Toshiba Thrive, or iPad 2 for that matter, I’m constantly reminded of why it simply isn’t possible to ditch my laptop for a tablet. I want to SO BAD, but the experience/productivity just isn’t there right now. One major hindrance is the lack of side-by-side app functionality, or “windows.” Sure, you might think that a 10″ screen is simply too small to split with separate programs, but when you work with numbers like I do, or find yourself constantly flipping back and forth between documents for referencing purposes, the lack of “windows” is kind of a big deal.

But today I stumbled across a potential iPad solution to this problem: Quasar – a window manager. Sure, it’s $9.99, and only available for jailbroken iPads, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


Why am I posting something about a jailbroken iPad app on AndroidAndMe? BECAUSE I WANT THIS ON MY ANDROID TABLET!!!!

Give me this, and possibly a MS sponsored app for the full version of MS office, and my laptop will hit the trash can.

Source: theBigBoss.org