My experience with porting to Google Voice / Solavei

Posted Dec 24, 2012 at 12:16 am in Threads > Opinions

I can’t say it was easy as it should have been. And I would never suggest this to my normal “non-nerd” friends to try this. But it’s working now so I’m much happier.

I took the leap and ported my primary cell phone number to Google Voice.

A few things you should know first.

1. It’s not immediate. This ain’t Kansas Toto, you are in new territory now.
2. It doesn’t all work perfectly (like it should).

I was on T-Mobile for several years now. So I had a well established cell phone number but I was getting anxious about jumping off to try “Straight Talk” or “Solavei”.

I got my Solavei sim card and was ready to go. I verified the service and now with 2 sims I’m ready to drop T-Mobile. I ported the number to Google on Thursday. It took at least a full day for the port to take. I verified voice calls worked, in and out, etc.

BUT! Now here is the big BUT. It took until Sunday until texting started to work like it should. That part was very disturbing and I was having 2nd thoughts about this whole thing. Searches regarding others having the same problem yielded no help.
And remember this part. Google is not going to provide any kind of immediate support that you are used to with any normal company. Nil. You are on your own. WTH, it’s free so what do you expect.

I tried their Google Talk app on the computer. Every time I run it my computer locks up and I have to hard reboot. I am getting voice calls in/out on 2 different phones/carriers Solavei and AT&T and texting is working with the correct “primary/Google/original” number. PHEW!

The best part is I get free voice to text transcription service with email notifications. I had to pay for this service with TMO. And with Solavei I pay $50 for more services than what I was paying TMO $80 for.

Overall: I’m happy it’s working. Google Voice has a lot of cool features. Anyone here could do it. But don’t recommend it to the mother-in-law. She will just get more pissed with you.