Next Smartphone Updgrade

Posted Apr 28, 2012 at 10:42 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Anybody out there getting a new phone anytime soon? I know lots of people are going to be due for an upgrade this spring, and if your getting an Android, which one?
I’m pretty sure almost anybody who is an Android fan is at least a little bit excited about the upcoming Galaxy SIII, but how many of people are actually going to go and get one? Or maybe your going to go for the Galaxy Note. HTC’s One series are also some serious contenders that are currently available, and should make a decent splash in the smartphone market. There are also some older phones that can drive a pretty hard bargain, such as HTC’s Rezound.
If you are going for an upgrade anytime soon, please tell me your choice of phone, and your reason why, in the comments.

  • Bpear96

    I have a Galaxy s ii right now, and I dont think im going to upgrade till, the next galaxy note arrives, or HTC’s note competitor. I just really love the form factor of the note.

    • LittleGreenDude

      Very nice, that galaxy sii is still one of my all time favorites. A for the note, I an a big fan of its form factor as well. I can’t wait to see with ICS :)

  • CTown

    Upgrading is just way to hard. We have all of these great dual core phones already out, the HTC One S looks incredible, the Nexus Galaxy is well… a Nexus device (unless you’re on Verzion!). Not only that Samsung is going to release the new Galaxy S soon and then in a few months is most likely to announce their other flagship device, the next Nexus! Sony has lately been given praise by one of Android’s developers (for keeping close to stock and contributing to Android itself).

    And there is still LG… but who hasn’t really made a good phone since the G2X (not counting that Verizon LG phone but come on… no matter how good it was, it had to compete agianst HTC’s Rezound, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, and and Motorola’s Droid Razor).

    • LittleGreenDude

      Yes, upgrading certainly doesn’t get easier with all the cool new phone that come out all the time now. And LG’s phone would be much better in my oppinion if they GOT RID OF THAT STUPID SKIN THEY PUT ON THEM!

  • CTown

    I would say let’s all come together and build our own Android super-phone but as we all already know, we would be bankrupt by the time we agree on the CPU!

  • SGB101

    i wont be upgrading anytime soon, as ive just got the One X. but the time this is ready for an upgrade, it will be mid/entry level device.

    looking at it now, i cant even imagine this being an entry level spec O_o

    • LittleGreenDude

      Hah! You probably right. But for now, the HTC One X is the best of the best.

  • cwjones4

    i’m upgrading in 6 weeks and couldn’t be more excited, i’m ready to get rid of my HTC hero. i’m going to get whatever is the best phone on the market for sprint. Right now it looks to be the EVO Lte, which i’m really excited about, but if the GS3 is available it will make for a tough choice. i’ve been able to upgrade for ~6 months now but no phone has really sparked my interest (GS2 is a great phone but it has wimax and no NFC, so not really future compatible and still no ICS update).

    • poosh2010

      you’re not alone :)

      This HTC Hero has seen better days, but DAMN, it’s lasted long!

      • cwjones4

        CyanogenMOD7 was a lifesaver for this phone, no doubt. It helped my phone’s performance tons

        • SGB101

          My lad had the hero, and managed to semi break the micro USB port befor he would let me root it, so it stayed on stock.

          Think is is in a draw somewhere, is there a way to root without the USB now?

          • cwjones4

            yes, it has the one click root method. Should just be able to download it and root the phone

  • hem

    Tired of ongoing problems with samsung & tmo so serously considering iphone if I go for a 2year contract

    • LittleGreenDude

      No! Jut switch services if you don’t like tmobile! And if you don’t like Sammy, for HTC, or LG, or even Huawei. They all have pretty good offerings

  • Cody

    I am expecting more smartphone upgrades lol

  • johnj

    Can’t start a thread yet. If you want a good deal, can’t wait and you’ve got AT&T….. go to

    Just got a 1x for $49.99!!!

  • johnj

    Just tried the link.

    It shows up in the upgrade family acct only.

    busted my own HYPE

  • mkstvns

    I’ve got a GS2 right now.

    I’m keen to upgrade this year. I don’t technically need to – the GS2 is a perfectly good phone, but I’m obsessed with getting a new phone every year, haha.

    For now, I’m holding out for the GS3 and the iPhone 5 before I make my decision.

    If neither of those impress me, I might consider the Sony Xperia S or the HTC One S – neither of these are the flagships in their range, but they both have a form factor that I like, and I don’t really need any more power than what these offer.

    So, yes. I’ll see what the GS3 and iPhone 5 have to offer and then we’ll see where I go next…

    • mkstvns

      Ah whoops, the Xperia S is the flagship in the Xperia range, my bad!

      • LittleGreenDude

        Lol. You sound like a very unoppinionated person, and I like that. All of those phone on the list would are great phones, even though I myself would never buy the iPhone 5. An you won’t have to wait long to be impressed by the GSIII, it gets announced tomorrow!!