Nexus 4 or keep my Galaxy Nexus

Posted Nov 04, 2012 at 4:45 pm in Threads > Opinions

Well i just bought my galaxy nexus the first day of google I/O knowing that there would be a newer nexus coming out, but i hated my HTC Sensation 4G after under a year of owning it. With the Nexus i fell inlove with Stock Android no skins and the nexus became my favorite phone but now the Nexus 4 in coming out in the matter of days and im not sure if i want it now or wait like its all the sepcs i was looking for with the quad-core S4 pro the upgraded camera and just over hardware on the phone but if i do get it not sure if i should get the 8G or 16G i keep all my music on google play and barely any photos on my nexus right now even though that is a 16G its a plus to have the more storage just not sure at all if i should get it or not even though i want to i just want to make the right choice and not rush into and regret it later down the road….