Paying ETF better than paying full MSRP to keep Verizon unlimited data??

Posted Nov 05, 2013 at 10:38 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone mention this here, but I got struck with an idea (I’m sure others have had this idea or actually have done this so I want your feedback/input). Instead of paying full MSRP for your phone on Verizon to keep unlimited data, what if you opened a second account, got a phone for $199 or less, and then turn around and cancel it within the 14 day period? I looked at Verizon’s information on cancellations and what not and it says an ETF of $375 for advanced devices. So that would be the price you paid for your phone + $375 + probably the activation fee of $35 or so for your phone, right? I was thinking this would be a good idea if you wanted a phone that happened to be on sale for a penny or $99 or something like that.

Verizon Return Policy:

Has anyone done this? If so, what was your total cost? Thoughts? Is it worth the hassle?