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Posted Mar 04, 2013 at 5:47 pm in Threads > Opinions

Question: I have a Samsung Note and would like to root it with a JB 4.2 ROM.
As I have never rooted a phone before, I would like some help (in basic English) to get this done, as I do not see Samsung updating the Note any time soon, and I am loosing patients waiting …
I know that this sounds like an easy thing to do from some of you, but I have never done it before, and would like to give it a shot.
Any help would be great … thx
Phone is: Telus Samsung Note

  • LukeT32

    head to the forums and find your phone.

  • BetterWithRoot

    Also a good place to look.

  • MC_Android

    1) look for ROMs for your phone and variant, also download a new kernel
    2) put phone into Recovery
    3) Connect to computer and use ODIN to install new kernel
    4) -should be rooted now/unlocked bootloader – go into Recovery again. Should boot into ClockwordMod
    5) Backup your stock ROM, wipe cache, dalvic, factory reset.
    6) Install new zip (ROM) from SD card
    7) Reboot and enjoy.

    That’s it in a nutshell. The guys above have the links and information in more extensive detail

  • MC_Android

    Btw, hopefully it goes well for you. Rooting my S2 was the best decision I ever made. ICS Touchwiz was horrible and froze on me all the time; battery was shit as well. Now I’m running 4.2.X (didn’t check) and everything is smooth as butterscotch molasses :)
    If you’re with a carrier, you not only have to wait for samsung to update your device, but you have to wait for your carrier to approve and push the OTA – that could be a year later OEM releases it, or it could be never.

  • pjamies

    People (politically correct .. )
    Thanks for the help, I will do more research on this..
    Question: did you use Windows or Linux to do the install?, as
    it seems most documentation looks like Linux is used.
    Next question is I found some ROMs, but they are either Night or Stable?
    I can guess that stable is as it says, but ‘night’ would mean ‘Test’ or ‘RC’ version?

    If this does not work, I’m moving to Nexus4 (unlocked ver)

    Sorry for being such a newbie on this …

    • MC_Android

      Windows is the OS I found was being mainly used.
      If you’re new to rooting and flashing ROMs, I would stick with stable ROMs. I tried a few nightlies and you had some usability issues at the most inconvenient times.

  • MC_Android

    Also, try this website. Straight to the point. I really like this guy’s video tutorial and reviews on ROMs. Helped me a lot when I got started with rooting my S2.

    I found that XDA threads gets clustered really fast and so it’s easy to miss crucial information.

    • pjamies

      Wow, this site might just be the 1 I am looking for, for easy step by step
      instructions to get my Note to 4.2.2!!
      Is there a specific ROM that you prefer? (ie development group/team)?

      • MC_Android

        Well just know that I’m using the S2 but if you want stability, go with Cyanogenmod but I find their ROMs to be a bit boring. If you like something more adventurous and would like to delve into more options – over/underclocking, phone/tablet mode, phone profiles…etc – I like AOKP roms. Currently I’m using Resurrection Remix 4.2.1. You will find some bugs every once in a while but they’re usually documented pretty well in xda forums. Revolt roms are good as well.